On a recent trip to Hawke’s Bay in March, with six days fly fishing our fantastic rivers, Monty and Ewan from Australia began their fishing adventure on the Tutaekuri and Ngaruroro Rivers.

Over the two days fishing these rivers a total of 71 trout were landed. Weather and fishing conditions were perfect and it was all GO !

Hawke’s Bay was show casing it’s true colours, as one of New Zealand’s must stop destinations for trout anglers.

On this trip, the Tukituki powerful and large Rainbow and Browns, added another dimension of challenge for  these keen Ozzie fly fishing anglers.Even though a number were landed, just as equally there were a number of spectacular bust offs, creating some exciting, nerve wracking and also frustrating moments.

But that’s what trout fishing is all about.  The challenge!


Above photo is of Monty with his 5lb Tutaekuri Rainbow Trout. Number 15 out of 20 caught by Monty for that day.