Hawke’s Bay Trout Fishing

Sunny Hawke’s Bay, Art Deco capital of the world. With it’s hot Summer, warm Spring and sultry Autumn months, prides itself in offering the world a place to visit which is unhurried and relaxing. It’s a region which can boast of it’s wineries, food, fruit and produce and of course the numerous rivers and streams which host a mix of impressive sized Rainbow and Brown trout.A quietly bustling but complete holiday destination!

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Trout Fishing

Hawke’s Bay has some of the most accessible trout fishing waters in New Zealand.There are four main river systems with numerous tributaries and streams, plus the picturesque Lake Tutira. The Tukituki River is the best known, with the Tutaekuri, Ngaruroro and Mohaka also providing ample opportunities for anglers, all with an abundance of sporting Rainbow and Brown trout.

Within a 40km radius of Hawke’s Bay’s main centres there is a wealth of fine trout water for anglers; all with multiple access points. And within a 45 minute drive from the Airport, Gary and his team of Trout fishing Guides can take you to waters where angler pressure is low A fresh water anglers dream!!

Tukituki River

The Tukituki River and it’s tributaries flow over 300 km through a picturesque landscape of willow lined banks and an artist’s palette of seasonally changing colours of undulating hills.. This river provides stunning fishing all year round with a vast range of different fishing water. The middle reaches create sufficient challenges and opportunities for mastery of dry fly fishing for all anglers. Tukituki trout are an action species, renowned and enjoyed for their passionate protest on being hooked. Fighting furiously, these Rainbow and Brown trout, averaging three to four pounds, provide all the challenge and entertainment any angler could hope for. After sighting your catch – casting and hooking into these Tukituki trout provides immense satisfaction and generally lots of sport and entertainment.

The Waipawa River

Flowing from the magnificent Ruahine Ranges the Waipawa is ideal for Dry fly and Nymph fishing. As the major tributary of the Tukituki River, it holds tight deep pools and long runs, housing hard fighting trout throughout the year. During the Summer months, due to cooler waters,this river holds more trout than usual which are easily spooked and therefore more challenging.

Tutaekuri and Ngaruroro Rivers

These Hawke’s Bay trout fishing rivers are also very popular. The trout in these rivers are great fighters. Pools with large Browns and Rainbows nonchalently swimming around, sampling the odd nymph or two are a common sight. Early season large Browns are frequently spotted lurking in large pools and runs of the Ngaruroro. Fishing the mid reaches and up country water is more prominent during mid Summer as the trout move up to cooler water. A day spent on either of these rivers reaps it’s own rewards.

Mohaka River

The mighty Mohaka, presenting more rugged terrain, powers down from the Kaweka Ranges. The Upper reaches, a wilderness landscape of native bush, is often difficult to access, requiring either extremely long walks, helicopter drop offs or rafting access. This fishing is suited for the patient and adventurous trout angler, with high levels of energy and fitness. The Middle Reaches boast of tumbling rapids and large deep pools, holding wily trout.The challenge of boulder strewn terrain, with strong currents and the need for long casting ability, is more suited for the experienced angler,

Lake Tutira

Lake fishing provides a more sedentary style of fishing. Lake Tutira is Hawke’s Bay’s most popular lake, offering exceptional catches when trout spawning runs occur between June and September.Surrounded by hills it presents a serene habitat for swans and ducks and a perfect location for family outings and anglers of all ages and ability.