Michael and the “Brown”

Wednesday,14th January.

Sun out. No wind. A perfect morning when I picked Michael up for his second trip with Wild Trout Adventures.

We fished the Tukituki about the same time last year, when Michael landed some good Rainbows but no Browns, as these are elusive fish in the Tuki. So on the way I declared we were off to find a large Brown which I had spotted in a pool a few days earlier. Michael, who is relatively new to the sport,  laughed, not believing he had the skills to land such a promising catch.

As we walked up the river, we found some Rainbow trout taking drys. After a few nervous casts they quickly dispersed. I reassured Michael it was fine, he was just warming up. Then a little further on there was a drop off with about a dozen Rainbow, and ‘hanging around’  just at the back of it was the Brown I had found a few days earlier. Michael was looking excited. But again after a few more nervous casts, it gave us the fin (finger) and it was gone! So time to change the flies.

After re rigging we started to fish again with increased determination. About 30 casts later, I noticed the Brown sneaking up the far bank, curiosity finally getting the better of it. A dumb move on it’s part because instantly it was our focal target.

Another 20 or so patient and breath holding casts later,  I saw it make a grab for the fly. “Strike” I yelled, perhaps a little too loudly, but the game was on.

Michael at the time did not realise the size and strength of this fish, but after about 15 minutes the epic battle was over.

This Brown is the first of our 2015 season trophy fish!

Well done Michael. A battle well fought!  🙂